Updated 11 January 2023



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Next meeting: Tuesday February 6, 2023, at 7:30 PM via Zoom

March meeting: Tuesday March 2, 2023, at 7:30 PM via Zoom

The Current Regimental Command Staff (RCS) consists of the following members:

VOTING MEMBERS (10) (Members listed for >1 positions vote only once)



Purpose & Obligations

The purpose of the RCS shall be to assist the Commanding Officer (CO) in the Regiment’s operation, direction and achievement of goals established for it. While the RCS will advise the CO on matters that require decisions, the CO will be ultimately responsible for the final decisions, except where otherwise noted in the Standing Orders. Members of the RCS shall serve as the leadership and management team of the Regiment, under the direction of the CO. The RCS shall be responsible for ensuring appropriate levels of attendance, training and appearance in support of the Regiment’s mission and for the timely and effective execution of tasks.

All members of the RCS shall refrain from interfering with the day-to-day management of departments or companies not within their purview. Such management is the responsibility of the Officers and Serjeants of the specific departments or companies.

The RCS shall also:

Meetings of the RCS

The RCS shall meet monthly at a mutually agreed time and place. Additional meetings of the RCS may be called by any member of the RCS for any reason. For an official quorum to conduct business at the meeting, a minimum of two-thirds of the currently serving RCS members must be present. “Present” at a RCS meeting shall mean that the RCS member attends in person, via teleconference, live video feed or via any other medium that allows a member real-time two-way communication with the other members and to vote in real-time. Each meeting shall be chaired by the CO, or, in his absence, by any other RCS member designated by the CO. Each meeting must have a written Agenda of regular business items and discussion topics. The written Agenda is the responsibility of the CO and Adjutant to prepare and must be distributed to all RCS members at least two (2) days before the scheduled meeting. The Paymaster’s Report shall also be distributed at least two (2) days before each meeting.

Minutes of the business transacted by the RCS shall be taken by the Adjutant or his designee. The minutes of the meeting should reflect who is physically present in the meeting room, who is present via an alternative method as previously mentioned, all observers and guests, the matters discussed and votes taken along with the voting results. In order for these minutes to be easily taken and for business to be done in an orderly fashion, Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed. This allows all business before the RCS to be transacted in the form of motions which must be properly seconded and voted upon.

The first topic of each meeting shall be the acceptance of the previous meeting's minutes as they are or as amended or corrected, and the recording of this in the minutes of the new meeting. The Adjutant or his designee shall arrange to have these accepted minutes published on the Regimental Website. For all issues requiring decisions, each RCS member shall have one vote, even if the member holds more than one position. Issues voted on by the RCS shall require a simple majority (51%) of the quorum at the RCS meeting to be passed; however, the following issues shall require at least a two-thirds majority of the quorum at RCS meetings in order to be passed:

The decision of any majority vote of the RCS shall be binding on all members regardless of rank. The decision based on the majority vote shall be considered final and only shall be reversed upon a second majority vote of the RCS in accordance with these Standing Orders. Any member of the Regiment may attend RCS meetings as an observer. Unless a member has specific business before the RCS, the member’s participation shall be limited to informational queries and occasional advice to the RCS when recognized by the RCS meeting chairperson. Observing members of the Regiment may be asked to leave the meeting if matters require the meeting to go in to an executive session or concern sensitive topics that may not be ready for the general membership.