NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the complete Regimental Standing Orders before applying for membership.

Thank you for your interest in joning His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot. Before completing the application form below, please note the following items regarding membership in the Regiment summarized from our Standing Orders, "Admittance to Ranks" polices (the complete polices can be found HERE)

In addtion to the signed application form, the following also are required to complete the application process:


Before being assigned to a specific company (Grenadiers, Battalion, Lights, Music, or Civilian), a potential recruit will attend at least one Regimental drill or event at which time he/she will meet with representatives from each company to disucss which is the best "fit" for that recruit. The final company assignment will be determined by Regimental needs, the recruit's preference, and other pracitcal considerations.


Uniformed Soldier Recruits
The current cost of outfitting a private soldier is at least $2200.00, a musician is at least $1600.00. A list of accoutrements for the uniformed companies can be found HERE.

Once the above deposit has been recevied, a new recruit will be issued company belting, be given access to a loaner musket (Grenadiers, Colonel's Co'Y, Light Infantry) or Regimental Drum (Music; Note: Fifers typically purhcase her/his own fife), and allowed to participate in Regimental and Company drills. Payment for addtional equipment is due at the time of issuance and it is expected that a recruit will be fully outfitted within 6 - 12 months of joining. No recruit shall appear in ranks at a Regimental event until his/her kit is fully paid. Financing is available through PayPal. Please contact our Paymaster for more information regarding purchase of kit.

The cost of outfitting a civilian varies based upon the type of impression one wishes to present. Those joining the Corps of Civilian Volunteers will be guided by our civilians as to the acquisition of appropriate attire and accoutrements. Many of our civilians make their own clothes and can assist a new member in learning how to make her/his own.



Instructions: Please provide the information requested, enter your name into the "OFFICIAL SIGNATURES" field, answer the "Security Question," and then click on the "Submit" button. Applicants under the age of 18 require the signature of a Parent or Legal Guardian.

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