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Battle of Bunker Hill;
240th anniversary

His Majesty’s 10th Regiment of the Foot reenacted the Battle of Bunker Hill in Epping, New Hampshire. On Saturday the 10th drilled around the camp and educated spectators about the British forces.

The 10th then participated in an attempt to capture a hill that had been fortified by colonials with a trench, fencing and cannons. While we did suffer a high casualty rate, we took the hill after three waves of attack and finished off with a bayonet charge.

The colonials took back the hill the following day after outflanking and outnumbering the crown forces.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by spectators and fun was had by all!

Pvt. Justin Murray















































































2019 Year-End Video by Pvt. Nick Woodbury, Grenadier Co'Y


The 2019 Tenth Foot



First Flag Raising, Somerville, MA (photos by Barbara Woodbury)

St. Patrick's / Evacuation Day Parade, Boston

Photo Viewer (photos by Joan Niehaus & Barbara Woodbury)

(Video by Patrick Woodbury)

Lexington Green Rehearsal (photos by Barbara Woodbury, Valerie Graves, & Rob Lee)

Patriot's Day Events

(photos by Barbara Woodbury)

(photos by Barbara Woodbury)

(photos by Valerie Graves)

(photos by Barbara Woodbury)

The Colonel sits nobly astride his horse!

(photos by Barbara Woodbury, Ellen Moy DeRosa, & Stephanie Godley)

(video by Camp Constitution)

Memorial Day Parade, Andover, MA (photos by Bruce Woodbury)

(photos by Barbara Woodbury, Stu Gralnik, & Anthony Jenkins)

(photos by Barbara Woodbury)

Glover's Encampment, Ft. Sewall, Marblehead, MA

(photos by Barbara Woodbury, Noah Clewley, Rob Lee, & Valerie Graves)

(video by Valerie Graves)

Redcoats and Rebels, OSV

(photos by Barbara Woodbury & Dennis Geary)

Chase Farm II, Lincoln, RI

(photos by Barbara & Bruce Woodbury)

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